Welcome to the official documentation for Pixel Exit's styles. While we won't have all the options we've included in our styles, we will go over some fundamentals we feel every client should know.

All of our styles are powered by the XenBase framework (it's built into the styles) and while we've added hundreds of options, we did our best to place them accordingly. So what does that mean? Well, all of our options related to the Header and navigation will be inside the default XenForo Header and navigation style property group. All the footer properties will be inside the Footer properties and so forth.

We've done our best to document each option inside the style properties using the descriptions.

Some notes going into the documentation​

  • All changes we reference should be done in your child style. See the Install where we talk about setting it up properly.
  • The term "Style Properties" is commonly mentioned, this is an area in your XenForo Admin control panel under the Appearance menu
  • The styles are constantly improving so occasionally you may find outdated information on here. Please contact us if you spot something off.
  • Use the Admin search on the top right of your XenForo Admin control panel, it works great! Try typing in the word "logo" to view those options.