Light switch:​

We've included a simple way to allow your users to toggle quickly between two different styles. We primarily use this function to switch between a light and dark style in which some of our styles have both.

You can see it in action on our Nova style:

1.) Grab the style ID for both styles​

Assuming you've already installed your styles you'll need to get the style ID for BOTH the light and dark styles. You can find the style id by looking in the URL when editing the style properties for each style:

  • admin.php?styles/my-community.2/style-properties
  • admin.php?styles/my-community.3/style-properties
Here, my light style id is 2 while my dark style is 3.

2.) Set the style id in the style switch​

Go to Style Properties -> Basic options, you'll find the "Style switch" option. When editing the light style you'll put the dark style ID, then go to the dark style and put the light style ID.
So in my example on my light style will have the dark style id:

while my dark style will have my light style ID: