Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to my style?

You get exactly 1 year worth of style updates and forum support from the day you purchase the style. After the year expires, you'll need to purchase a renewal on the style if you want to receive further support and updates.
Renewing is completely optional, and you can still use your license even when it is expired.

What payments do you accept?​

We're currently accepting PayPal, Stripe, and various Cryptocurrency.

Do you offer refunds?​

We will maintain a reasonable policy regarding requests for refunds. We reserve the right to refuse a refund or to apply a partial refund.

Do you offer any bulk discounts?​

Please submit a ticket if to discuss any bulk discounts we can offer.

What is branding removal?​

All of our styles come with branding which you're free to remove. It is a single link at the bottom of the page linking back to Pixel Exit. You can remove this by going to Style properties -> Footer -> Remove Copyright (check). This only removes our branding, it is not related to XenForo's or another third-party developers branding.

Do your styles support Third Party Add-ons?​

We do our best to code properly to allow our styles to work on all add-ons. On the rare occasion, a problem pops up with an add-on. Just start a support thread and we'll do our best to help you out.

Will your styles work on my XenForo version?​

We push releases out along with XenForo as we see fit. For example, at the time of this article, XenForo is currently on 2.2.5 and our styles are also on version 2.2.5. Once they release 2.2.6, if we see a reason (outdated templates) to push a style update out we will.

You'll usually never want to install a newer style version than your XenForo is on. For example, if the style version is 2.2.5 you won't want to install it on XenForo 2.2.3 as there might be conflicts. You want to be running on at least 2.2.5.

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