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Free XenForo Styles made by Pixel Exit

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Listed below is our free XenForo styles we put out to the public. We do our best in keeping them up-to-date with the latest versions of XenForo and strive for quality support the best we can. Our premium styles have more time invested in them and they are all built on our XenBase Framework giving them far more functionality and quicker updates. Make sure to check them out!

We do not distribute or support our free styles on our official website. All downloads and support are handled through the Resource Manager on and it's attached discussion thread

Flat Awesome - a free XenForo Style

Flat Awesome

Simply put... this style uses no images the default style would. The entire XenForo sprite, node icons, logo(optional text logo), and image gradients have been removed and replaced with font awesome. Removed in the sense the CSS has been deleted completely so there's no loading them what so ever.

Download (
Flat Awesome Dark - a free XenForo Style

Flat Awesome Dark

This is the dark side of our Flat Awesome style. It contains the same features, the same great style properties with all the great speed but with a nice dark color palette.

Download (
Social - a free XenForo Style


Simple and clean style made for those looking for something other than a default style.

Download (
Blackend - a free XenForo Style


Here is a remake of the fairly popular Blackend style I had released for another forum software. The link and text colors can be changed easily through the Color Palette. Updating should be easy as almost all template edits are in the EXTRA.css template.

Download (
xendisConnect - a free XenForo Style


This style was inspired by the latest vBulletin version 5.0. As part of the lawsuit over thread we figured it was a nice time to release this. No colors were directly copied from vBulletin 5.0 nor were images taken from it at all.

Download (
Casual - a free XenForo Style


This release from Pixel Exit is one of the first styles made by us. Originally made it's debut during the first week after the launch of XenForo we've gone ahead and re-coded and re-colored it to a higher standard.

Download (
Refresh - a free XenForo Style


Here we have a nice light style good for any site. Default layouts once again fairly lite with only a few images and very little CSS changes all done via the EXTRA.css template.

Download (
CAMO - a free XenForo Style


Here is a perfect style for those gaming and clan sites Powered by XenForo.

Download (
xenFoogle - a free XenForo Style


Simple light style inspired by google color scheme. Lightweight with very little images used (mostly icons only).

Download (
Halloween Revisited - a free XenForo Style

Halloween Revisited

This is a Halloween themed version of Blackend. Perfect for all those spooky times around your forum!

Download (
Runaway - a free XenForo Style


This release from Pixel Exit will zombify your site for Halloween or could be great for a horror site.

Download (

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Jan 27, 2015
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