1. 2big

    XF 1.X Xenbase 1.4.2 Font faded/change font size

    Never mind..took care of this one
  2. 2big

    XF 1.X Xenbase 1.4.2 Font faded/change font size

    Hello Russ, I am using the Xenbase 1.4.2 as one of my style selectors and found out that some of the letters/words are faded/not clear like it is on the highlighted screen shot below. How would i change the font type/size inside the ACP? Please advise
  3. 2big

    Nice new redesign!

    I love this new style - very clean and professionally done. Good job guys:)
  4. 2big

    AdminZone style author post-bit?

    @Steve Thanks for explaining this - I have your Adara theme/style on my site and i don't see what Mike is asking about and i am glad i read this section before creating another thread- What do I need to enable on Font Awesome to see this . The screen shot below is what i see on my site
  5. 2big

    Question about ADARA Theme

    Hello Russ, It is me again, you changed the colors for me on doubleforum.com if you remember? Now, I am re-branding the site to a local soccer team here in USA. The Adara style matches what i am looking for - 1. Does the Theme work with Extra Portal i have on my site now 2. Other add-ons on my...

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