1. AbnVet

    XF 2.X Fusion Gamer

    Could you please point me in the right direction to change the images that are used in the background on fusion gamer? is there a must have dimensions that I must have - thank you for your great products
  2. AbnVet

    Your support ticket set up

    Would you share how you have the support ticket set up permission wise. I need to replicate this on my site. Not the actually support ticket system but where when someone submits a post that it goes into a private area that just them and I can see. I would really appreciate your advice on this
  3. AbnVet

    XF 1.X Background question

    I love the ability to change the backgrounds and use the built in stretch function. I was wondering how to go about determining what will actually show on the left/right header and etc.... so that I can design something for my needs. I attached a screenshot to help further illustrate
  4. AbnVet

    Xenbase Suggestion

    Additionally a style function that would grid the members block - or whatever its called i posted a screenshot example. I would love something like this
  5. AbnVet

    Xenbase Suggestion

    What are the possibilities to add the ability to make images for Subforums and / or forums like http://www.gamingmasters.org I think this would be a nice addition and help us non programmer type peeps
  6. AbnVet

    XF 1.X Back ground options for Detour

    I have been using this style and have enjoyed it. With updates in the future coming for xenforo I have not really messed around too much with modifying it however I would love to start working on some back grounds to go with the style kind of like how you can do with fusion gamer. I am not an...
  7. AbnVet


    This style looks good , how can I purchase it?

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