1. Chris Judd

    XF 1.X Login Bar

    How can I clean up how the login bar is here: http://h1z1market.com/
  2. Chris Judd

    Christmas/Holiday Season Style?

    Would really love to see a nice Christmas/Holiday Season style from you guys! Any chance of seeing this or a halloween theme in the future?
  3. Chris Judd

    pixelexit mobile theme for 1.3?

    Would love to see a pixelexit mobile only theme, any possibility of this?
  4. Chris Judd

    XF 1.X Question XenForo 1.3 update

    when will the new one be available to download?
  5. Chris Judd

    XF 1.X Frag Zone Light?

    my bad lol, i purchase right from here and never saw that
  6. Chris Judd

    XF 1.X Frag Zone Light?

    Obviously I love this theme, that's why I bought it but I was wondering if a "Light" version could be made? I know you can invert the colors but that might look bad I would think?
  7. Chris Judd

    XF 1.X Question XenForo 1.3 update

    Will there be an update version of Frag Zone available when the stable version comes out? Will I be able to get this update if my license expires 2014-11-21?
  8. Chris Judd

    XF 1.X Xenporta

    Yes it does work with XenPorta at least with the current version of the theme with 1.2.4 xf

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