1. dethfire

    XF 2.X Accessibility CSS Switcher?

    Is it possible to build in a toggle that turns on an accessibility mode, aka larger font and higher contrast elements or does that require a second style or some plugin? I have a lot of older members with poor eye sight.
  2. dethfire

    2.1 Beta 2 Style Updates

    Are you taking custom work now for 2.1 or should we wait till RC or gold?
  3. dethfire

    2.0 Style Expectations

    2.1 beta is out! How soon till a 2.1 framework? :)
  4. dethfire

    2.0 Style Expectations

    Ah yes I meant new things for the framework. Very cool, once 2.1 is out I'll request custom, so I am interested in new possibilities.
  5. dethfire

    2.0 Style Expectations

    Now that you've seen some of the new things in 2.1 @Russ do you have ideas for your future style plans?
  6. dethfire

    XF 1.X Show Off Your Pixel Exit Styles

    Late to the party, but why not? :D https://www.physicsforums.com PE designed this ~3 years ago and I've made some edit since. Looking forward to PE updating the style when 2.1 hits.
  7. dethfire

    Not Planned Styles as Progressive Web Apps

    I'm dying for some 2.1 announcement so I can plan my upgrade. You'll be part of it :)
  8. dethfire

    Not Planned Styles as Progressive Web Apps

    No worries, just thinking of the future :)
  9. dethfire

    Not Planned Styles as Progressive Web Apps

    PWA is the future of mobile web. Has any thought gone into building XF styles as a PWA? https://developers.google.com/web/progressive-web-apps/
  10. dethfire

    XenForo 2 Styles: Launch

    Once XF 2.1 comes out I'm gonna get a new custom style :)
  11. dethfire

    Thoughts and plans for XF2?

    I think you'll be very busy once XF2 is released, but well paid :)
  12. dethfire

    Thoughts and plans for XF2?

    I assume you've had a chance to examine the dev copy of XF2? What are your thoughts and have you made any plans on your skins etc?
  13. dethfire

    Vacation Notice...

  14. dethfire

    1.5.7 Style Updates

    1.5.9 released. How is the next release coming along? :)
  15. dethfire

    1.5 Sneak Peak

    Happy Birthday!

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