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    XF 1.X Error Info user Extra

    estimated because I had to translate, I have complications with the distribution of user information because the Spanish words lengthen and messes up the additional user info. that way I can correct the error?
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    XF 1.X Details Beta 5

    Estimated Russ, after the liberation of the beta 5 of fusion gamer, I have some doubts ... 1. - The staff member is not modified? 2. - The text editor icons do not look good, are as saturated or have a double shadow? Greetings and thank you very much for the release Gimomo.-
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    a New Style... style blogs

    I think the world news update online, goes hand in hand with an appropriate style for this site and one of the world's most famous blogs think it has luxury ... you can create a very clean style like gawker, gizmodo, kotaku ... get a job as a project like that? in terms of time and resources...

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