1. Jadster

    Mod Post?

    Oh gotcha! I didn't piece that together!
  2. Jadster

    Mod Post?

    It worked after I removed the "display: none;". That code just kept hiding it.
  3. Jadster

    Mod Post?

    Yes I plan on using both the Admin Post as well as the Mod Post.
  4. Jadster

    Mod Post?

    Hello @Russ or @Steve, I noticed I can add the "Admin Post" feature on my posts and for other admins, but I wanted to ask, can I do the same for Moderators but change theirs from red to green? If so, how would I go about doing this?
  5. Jadster

    XenForo 2.0 - Thread

    I personally haven't looked much into XF2 yet but I really want to. I want to see what I like about it and get some ideas on what I can do on my forum with XF2. Though this is the Alpha Stage of the Development, I am still very excited for this new development.
  6. Jadster

    Any new styles coming up soon?

    It isn't really a "Must Have" type thing. It is the fact that it is change. It is a major update to a popular software. Like a new iPhone. It isn't a MUST HAVE, but it is something people want because they can and want to. XF2 will be something new that will bring on all new things like new...
  7. Jadster

    Any new styles coming up soon?

    @Russ, looks like I will be getting a full custom design after 2.0! :)
  8. Jadster

    XF 1.x New link

    I would like to add a new page to my website and add the link to my navigation bar. How is this done?
  9. Jadster

    XF 1.x Custom Links edit

    How do I change the custom links in the footer? I am unsure of how to do that? Help?
  10. Jadster

    XF 1.x Images missing

    Hello there, I recently downloaded the "core" theme and now the header logo and the icons in the footer aren't showing up. Can somebody please help me get these images back to how they should be? Regards, Jadster

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