1. Jordan

    Welcome to the new Pixel Exit

    Looks great guys! Really loving how you implemented everything!
  2. Jordan

    11/10 Would Do Again!

    Out of all my time working with @Russ's and @Steve's themes, I don't think I have ever left an official review. Pixel Exit has been hands down the best designers to work with in my entire lifetime of personal experience from working with multiple companies through multiple platforms and...
  3. Jordan

    1.5.6 Updates

    Any pictures of the flexible nodes?
  4. Jordan

    New Team Member and Updates

    Same :) Been waiting!!
  5. Jordan

    XF 1.X Whats next for Xenbase?

    You guys do a superb job at the themes. It is a no brainer why you re getting slammed ;) You guys put this in my custom theme. However, don't know where you go to edit it xD
  6. Jordan

    New Team Member and Updates

    Ya, I could use it as well :) @Steve @Russ , it has been over a month since it was said to be "near ready release". Any updates on this? Any ETA?
  7. Jordan

    New Team Member and Updates

    Congrats mate! Let us hope you are as great as @Russ and @Steve ! I'm sure you are ;) Regarding some of the other things, looking forward to more addon development from you guys :)
  8. Jordan

    Custom Styles?

    Ahh, just sent one in thanks :) I think I would like a custom one to be made. If not, one based around gamer time.
  9. Jordan

    Custom Styles?

    Alright soo... I have been a customer of you guys for some time now. With this new forum I have, I have went with XenForo, purchased a premium domain, even paid $200 for a custom logo. So I was thinking Why not go full out and get some real dedication into the community by giving it a custom...
  10. Jordan

    Sub navigation don't show

    a ha, That's feasible with me!
  11. Jordan

    Implemented Horizontal postbit option

    Just an update for @Afterward, it appears they achieved this in their latest theme "Gamer Time" :)
  12. Jordan

    Sub navigation don't show

    The sub navigation do not show on help pages when you have the option to have the help tab not displayed in main navigation: And it just looks weird. Especially if you have a floating navigation
  13. Jordan

    Live Favico

    Your Favicon is not loading right. When I have one alert it says I have 11 xD In the image above it says I have 10: Just an FYI
  14. Jordan

    XF 1.X Save custom changes

    So far every time there is an update for a theme I have to save my custom changes down and re add them every time i update the site to the new version. Is there an easier way of saving custom changes where I can update the core style and still have my custom changes there?
  15. Jordan

    Gird and List formatting as a user option

    Alright :) Let me know if it is easy to implement :D

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