1. KeVo

    Xen Foro 2.0 Styles Preview

    Basically me even just waiting for the XF2 beta. lol
  2. KeVo

    Best themes out there

    Definitely a very nice site on the eyes and with some good content. TGS is definitely one of those "role model" forums for hard work and consistency.
  3. KeVo

    FA+ Dark still in the works?

    Will FA+ Dark be a standalone release or included in the FA+ pack similar to ones like Core and Zipped?
  4. KeVo

    XenBase 1.5.6 - FLEXible Nodes and more

    Definitely some sweet additions to this release. Looking forward to being able to have this! :D
  5. KeVo

    Small Pixel Exit Forum changes

    I could see that being an issue. Well, I hope it hits the market in some fashion. This design is the sharpest I've seen on any XenForo forum to date. :)
  6. KeVo

    Small Pixel Exit Forum changes

    Might seem like a silly question, but would it be a potential possibility to offer the current design of Pixel Exit in your market after you all release your new design?
  7. KeVo

    Premium version of Flat Awesome?

    You wouldn't happen to have any update on FA+ Dark, would you? :P
  8. KeVo

    Possible Bug?

    Thanks for the quick reply!
  9. KeVo

    Possible Bug?

    Website address(optional): https://empyreanskies.com Bug Report Details: Do you see the 78"> up on the top bar? I am seeing this on my mobile android device. Wasn't sure if this was a bug or not.
  10. KeVo

    Core Theme Header Inquiry

    Okay, awesome! Thanks for answering all of my questions. :)
  11. KeVo

    Core Theme Header Inquiry

    One more question, @Russ, unrelated to the header. Is it just about as easy to change the primary color (orange in your demo) as it is to change within Flat Awesome via the Color Palette?
  12. KeVo

    XF 1.X Flat Awesome Social Icons

    Can they be moved from the header area and put into say a widget using xfrock's Widget Framework? My community niche is about animation and comics, so having a full sized logo in the header is quite important to me. I'm using this theme until I can purchase Core. :D
  13. KeVo

    Core Theme Header Inquiry

    You nailed it for me. Thanks a lot! You should have a sale when I get some moo-lah to throw your way. :)
  14. KeVo

    Core Theme Header Inquiry

    Would the theme be able to support a header/logo image that is between 200 and 250 pixels in height without interfering with the responsive navigation and user bar? In other words, would the logo image be able to fit in without messing anything up at those pixels?

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