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    XF 1.X FA+ Responsive Private Menu Controls: How to edit/add 3rd party private menu controls?

    Hi Russ et al! I upgraded our Bookmarks addon, and my private menu controls now fail to list the "bookmark" link when I have the Responsive Private Menu option checked. Any tips where I can look to add this back in? :) Thanks!
  2. K

    XF 1.X How to change forum jump (quicknav?) icon in breadcrumb?

    I'm sorry I know I asked this before, but I can't find the answer! :) I'm wanting to change the forum jump icon in the breadcrumb, from fa-bars to fa-compass, but I can't figure out where... Thanks :D
  3. K

    1.5.12 Style Updates

    Upgrade to xenforo 1.5.12, XenBase 1.5.12, and Flat Awesome+ 1.5.12 complete without a hiccup or outdated template. (y)
  4. K

    1.5.12 Style Updates

    Thanks for the update guys! Appreciate all the work you put into keeping your styles current.
  5. K

    XF 1.X Xenbase 1.5.7 extra user menu unread count?

    I've got a pesky user complaining that the alert bubble shows up for split seconds before the css hides it. Ughh. :banghead:
  6. K

    XF 1.X Xenbase 1.5.7 extra user menu unread count?

    Great, thanks Russ! :)
  7. K

    XF 1.X Xenbase 1.5.7 extra user menu unread count?

    Here's a quick fix, not sure if the best way but it works. Add the RED text into your navigation_visitor_tab template: <!-- account --> <li class="navTab account Popup PopupControl PopupClosed {xen:if $tabs.account.selected, 'selected'}"> <xen:set var="$visitorHiddenUnread"...
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    XF 1.X Xenbase 1.5.7 extra user menu unread count?

    Hi guys, Since upgrading to XB 1.5.7 last night we have a number count (alerts + conversations) next to the usermenu which for us is in the top mod bar: What's the best way to make that disappear? Our users feel it's redundant since convo and alert unread counts are already shown...
  9. K

    1.5.6 Updates

    Looks awesome. I love the FA icon choices for the user menu. :)
  10. K

    1.5.3 Style Updates & XenBase Improvements

    Awesomeness. Thanks guys!
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    Implemented Possible to keep quicksearch in navbar, with off-canvas menu?

    Hi! Is it possible to keep the handy quick-search icon in the header, while having the off-canvas mobile menu enabled? I love the menu, but it's also nice having the quicksearch icon, especially since there's room for it. :)
  12. K

    Thread starter indicator feature for XB?

    Works great, thanks Russ!
  13. K

    Thread starter indicator feature for XB?

    Thanks Russ, that works great. One last issue with this, is that every username in every message of a conversation has the threadstarter icon...

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