1. lub0112

    Not a Bug Another bug I think

    Seems it was reactions addon disabled it in thread list ans it's fine again Sorry about that
  2. lub0112

    Not a Bug Another bug I think

    What would cause this to happen
  3. lub0112

    Not a Bug whats causing this error ?

    Less_Exception_Chunk: ParseError: Unexpected input in anonymous-file-561.less on line 1514, column 5 1512| 1513| .XenBase .block--messages .message .message-content .bbCodeBlock-title a, .XenBase .block--messages .message .message-content .bbCodeBlock-title a:hover { 1514| [email protected] (max-width...
  4. lub0112

    Fixed Some issue with 2.0.4

    was just coming to post this , cheers
  5. lub0112

    XF 2.X New features in 2.0.4

    Stunning work again ,, got to love pixelexit great stuff guys :D
  6. lub0112

    Fixed Non responsive mobile

    thanks @Russ
  7. lub0112

    Fixed Non responsive mobile

    on my forum I use edge and zipped Skins Both are cracking but when I look on mobile view it’s not responsive To give example here are some screens As you can see it’s not all pages but on new posts and forum lists I do have some code in my extra.less to disable sidebar on mobile but when I...
  8. lub0112

    XF 1.X some help please

    Basically before I updated to the latest version of zipped , my bbcode quote header had white links in it , but since the update its inherited the default forum text link color I've tried to change it in the properties but with no success , as you can see I have a white background so I can't...
  9. lub0112

    Pushover now available!

    I used it but don't think its avail on xenforo 2
  10. lub0112

    Implemented disable footer on mobile

    top work thanks again
  11. lub0112

    Implemented disable footer on mobile

    perfect @Russ just to say thanks again , delighted you guys added zipped to the fa+ , purchased yesterday and now my place is looking just like the old days top work
  12. lub0112

    Implemented disable footer on mobile

    perfect thanks would disbabling sidebar widgets be the same idea or disable the full sidebar for mobile ?
  13. lub0112

    Implemented disable footer on mobile

    is there a way to disable the footer in mobile only ? thanks
  14. lub0112

    Not a Bug displaying a notice

    when displaying notices with edge the theme isn't responsive on mobile , it kind of stretches the page my notice setup was sliding notices if that helps only happens on the page the notice is displayed on thanks

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