1. Mike Edge

    XF 2.X Gaming theme (glossy)

  2. Mike Edge

    Product spotlight: Nova

    Hurry up and buy it @Ruby your slacking girl! P.S. Are you still crying my Rangers beat your Sharks last night?
  3. Mike Edge

    Product spotlight: Nova

    Nope. :P
  4. Mike Edge

    Product spotlight: Nova

    First to purchase!
  5. Mike Edge

    Five years later...

    Well here we are, over 5 years since I first installed my very first Pixel Exit style. During the five years I have given several style companies a chance to impress me. But after installing the style, within a few hours I always returned back to using PE. No one and I mean NO ONE has come...
  6. Mike Edge

    XF 1.X Re: Membercard option like at TheAdminZone

    Thanks! added some of it into my member card. .
  7. Mike Edge

    Custom Profile Designs?

    Andy has an add-on that does a decent clean up. It's in the XF RM for free.
  8. Mike Edge

    XF 1.X Making Logo Bigger (Edge)

    Having been a xenForo user myself since release, used many styles along with owner of a XenForo niche hosting company in which I am in contact with many developers to get answers to assist my clients. I vouch for PE hands down! Russ is indeed corect PE is the fastest to first respond to a...
  9. Mike Edge

    XF 1.X Making Logo Bigger (Edge)

    You trying to say I got man boobs and a big booty Russ :D
  10. Mike Edge


    PixelAwesome Love it!
  11. Mike Edge

    Custom Footer

    Lip sum English :)
  12. Mike Edge

    Update regarding Pixel Exit Add-ons

    Good stuff, sticking to only what you do best, styling.
  13. Mike Edge

    Archon Feedback

    Nahhh, don't give it away free in XenBase, charge $10.00 for it like you do Admin Center. I know I'd pay the $10.00 to use this with Font Awesome+ or Detour.
  14. Mike Edge

    Archon Feedback

    Will you also offer this as a paid add-on for your other styles to change from top nav to sidebar?
  15. Mike Edge

    Archon Feedback

    I need this!

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