1. nodle

    XF 1.X Move Search Bar

    I don't use the Splash skin but in the Xenbase it has settings for the search under: [XB] Quick Search - Quick Search Location Might try to play around with it there.
  2. nodle

    XF 1.X Node stats

    [XB] Forum List & Category - Node Layout Type > number 3 for "modernized layout".
  3. nodle

    XF 1.X Square Edges

    Goto: Style Properties: [XB] General Setup There are border radius to play with in there. I don't have Splash but it may still work since it's built into the XenBase.
  4. nodle

    XF 1.X Avatar Size in Posts

    Check under: [XB] Messages and Elements I noticed at top there is a "Avatar Size" box there.
  5. nodle

    XF 1.X Make Node Icons Larger

    Goto: Style Properties: [XB] Font Awesome Then: Font Awesome Icon Size
  6. nodle

    Mobile user to large

    That fixed the name lining up, but its still real fat.
  7. nodle

    Search box border

    Yes that fixed it @Russ . Looks great now!(y)
  8. nodle

    XF 1.X 1.4.4 Post Changes

    Goto [XB] Messages and Elements - Layouts and put a check mark in "Modernized message layout"
  9. nodle

    Mobile user to large

    Overall the mobile front page lines up excellent. But on the post the user name is not correct, also the user box is way larger than what needs to be. See images below. You can see how the username is way over to the right and how thick it is.
  10. nodle

    Search box border

    I was just looking, and maybe I am looking in the wrong spot but if this is the correct location then it looks like it may be setup properly but not pushing out to the skin?
  11. nodle

    Search box border

    So I noticed that the search buttons in the drop down the border is inheriting the master color. The border should have the same color as the background so that you can distinguish that there are two separate buttons instead of one long one. Nothing major but I just thought I would mention. I...
  12. nodle

    Archon - Vertical XF navigation?

    I'm interested but I think I am going to wait for the final product. I always like to play with a demo first to get a "feel" of it. I'll just be patient.
  13. nodle

    XF 1.X Quick search helper

    I noticed under: [XB] Quick Search There is this option: Quick Search Helper Can be used to add additional things into the search area, such as a dedicated button for a one-click advanced search Do you have an example code on how this would be used, or exactly what it does? Thanks!
  14. nodle

    Remove Branding Later?

    Hey @Russ or @Steve I was wondering if I could so the same? I PMed you @Russ about this today.
  15. nodle

    Corner "X" cut off

    The code fixed the cut off, but it also created a "X" below the close window. So I had to remove it.

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