1. oman

    XF 1.X Language based user login / register button

    Hi KozmoK, I've moved this to the customer support area. @Russ and or @Steve will be able to attend to your question shortly. Regards, oman
  2. oman

    XF 1.X After update to XenBase 1.4.3

    Hi Boone, I recommend to be safe that you go into those templates and save any custom edits that you may have made (if you made any). Then you should be safe to merge those. If any edits are lost, you can then re apply them. Regards, oman
  3. oman

    XF 1.X Outdated Temaplates

    Have you recently updated your forum to a new version of XenForo? If yes, upgrade to the latest version of the style.
  4. oman

    XF 1.X 1.3.2 Downloads

    Hi Northsider, If you would like your board upgraded to the latest version of XenForo, feel free to check this thread out:http://xenforo.com/community/threads/technology-hub-xenforo-installation-upgrade-services.45948/ :) :)
  5. oman

    Flat Awesome Footer Glitch?

    Thanks for reporting this. I've moved this to the bug reports area so @Russ and @Steve can look into the issue. Regards, oman
  6. oman

    XF 1.X Core Style Installation Problem

    Locking this thread for further correspondence to be within the support ticket thread. Replied to that one.
  7. oman

    XF 1.X Space / planets related banner

    If you end up deciding to make an image, some good resources for icons to use: http://iconfinder.com/ http://iconarchive.com/
  8. oman

    XF 1.X Just a question.

    They have been moved to and can be controlled via Style Properties >> Color Palette. (The xB Colours)
  9. oman

    XF 1.X Adjusting the footer links

    Hi markuzzo76, I've moved this to the customer area as a separate thread. You can change and add links to the footer by heading to Style Properties >> [XB] Footer. Regards, oman
  10. oman

    Style Property - Backstretch

    Should be 'Enable Backstretch' rather than what it currently is.
  11. oman

    XF 1.X Icons in navigation bar

    I'll tag @Russ and @Steve in this one so they can give you a hand.
  12. oman

    XF 1.X No update?

    Hi, Thanks for your enquiry. @Russ and @Steve will be able to respond to this particular message.
  13. oman

    SCAV Craft forums

    Steve will adjust the header for you on the live demo when he comes on. Thanks for your patience.
  14. oman

    SCAV Craft forums

    Hi, The style they are using can be purchased here - http://pixelexit.com/xenforo-styles/fusion-gamer-style.7/viewproduct Yes, the style will be updated (when required) to bring it up to date with XenForo updates.
  15. oman

    Question about Fusion Gamer

    I'm sure this would be possible with a few minor template edits. @Russ and @Steve would be able to recommend a way to do so if it is possible.

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