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    Weird background issue

    And today Firefox 36 was released, confirmed it's resolved. :)
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    Postbit overlap for modern message layout w/large avatars

    I'm back with another large avatar issue. :eek: When this style property is set: [XB] Message and Elements --> Layouts --> Message Layout 3 (Modern) It results in the postbit looking disjointed. Specifically there is overlap on the postbit itself, and the left triangle arrow is on top of the...
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    miniMe avatar showing on top of XFMG lightbox

    When viewing a full-size image in XenForo Media Gallery in the lightbox, the miniMe avatar appears on top of the image, and isn't faded out like the rest of the page: I am using Apex 1.4.3, I checked the changelog for 1.4.4 but could not see any mention of this.
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    Weird background issue

    I've tested on Firefox 36 beta and it appears to be fixed there, so fingers crossed this should be good to go when 36 officially comes out. :)
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    XF 1.X Make Xenforo Media Gallery icon brighter

    Wasn't sure if this was Xenbase or dark Apex specific... I'm using the non FontAwesome editor icons for Apex, it may be worthwhile including a brighter icon for the Xenforo Media Gallery BBCode icon as that gallery is now an official Xenforo add-on.

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