1. rowedf

    XF 1.X Nav Icons ...

    I put the code into extra.css and nothing changed. Trying to use the media one for now since the icons already there. Do I need to make any changes to fragzone_navicons.css ? Sorry for so many questions :)
  2. rowedf

    XF 1.X Nav Icons ...

    I appreciate the detailed explanation, but still having troubles trying to figure out exactly what I'm looking for :( my sites www.shadowops.org I'm sure I'll be adding more tabs but if you can show me the names on my forums I might be able to find any new ones I add :) Thanks again.
  3. rowedf

    XF 1.X Nav Icons ...

    Hello, I read the "How To's" but this part is really vague to me: How to add new navigation icons First you'll want to find an icon you wish to use for your navigation link, it should be 32 x 32, you can open styles/fragzone/xenforo/sources/navhome.png for reference. For consistency sake save...
  4. rowedf

    XF 1.X Having Trouble with forum_list

    I disabled it and its working much better. Thank you.
  5. rowedf

    XF 1.X Having Trouble with forum_list

    Particularly inserting the taiga chat hook. Here is what I have but I don't see anything in my sidebar: <xen:if is="@xenBase_forum_stats"> <xen:include template="xenBase_forum_stats" /> </xen:if> <xen:sidebar> <xen:edithint template="sidebar.css" /> <xen:include...
  6. rowedf

    XF 1.X Removing navpoly.png ?

    What would be the least invasive way of removing the navpoly.png image that appears in the template?
  7. rowedf

    How can I see a demo of each template?

    Or at least a large screenshot. I don't see anything I can click on to see a zoomed in image of the theme?

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