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    XF 1.X Issues with [bd] Image

    Im using [bd] Image to show thumbnails in thread list, but this wont work in Edge even after disabling this option: is there any thing I can do to make thumbnails show in this style?
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    Fixed Sidebar icons in RTL

    I think sidebar block icons should be reversed in RTL. they are showing now on right, wich is correct, but the icon itself is in LTR mode. it should be reversed.
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    Not a Bug Too many space before node title

    When I set the global node width to 100%. and enble global minimize. I have a lot of space between the node title and node icon.. more tham 100px. I had to add this to extra.css .node .nodeText { margin-right: 0 !important; }
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    Fixed Subforums width

    I cant set the width of nodes while viewing forums (sub-forums) to somthing like : 33% or 25 %. its always 100% or 50%. other values are not working. Style:Edge 1.5.4
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    XF 1.X Edge- Thread list

    Found it: Style Properties: Edge Properties
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    XF 1.X Edge- Thread list

    Hi How can I disable font awsome in thread list?
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    XF 1.X Social Media login button in Sidebar

    Yes, the option is enabled: I will send the site URL in private.
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    XF 1.X Social Media login button in Sidebar

    It's not working unfortunately. I'm not sure if I have described well my issue, I was expecting something like this:
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    XF 1.X Social Media login button in Sidebar

    I have enabled Login sidebar Box; but there is no Facebook or twitter login button in this widget, is this not implemented or something is not working on my site..?
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    Fixed Collapse sidebar not working in RTL

    Thanks Russ Take your time, I'm not really using the collapse sidebar feature. but I want to report the bug just to contribute make this nice theme better.
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    Fixed Collapse sidebar not working in RTL

    Theme: FA+ The collapse sidebar feature is not working with RTL. When the sidebar is collapsed, the main content doesn't extend. if I click the collapse icon again, the main content is aera is getting smaller.
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    Fixed Breadcrumb Fontawsome in RTL

    When I remove the default XenForo breadcrumb arrows and replace them with Font Awesome. Fonts are not aligned correctly. they are displayed like this: > they should be like this: <
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    Readability Issue

    This is a screenshot of the contact form here:
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    Readability Issue

    Theme: FA+ Text in the scroll down list, and in overlay (when editing tags) is black on dark background. I have tested this in RM, and don't know if it happened also in other parts in the forum. readability because of colors is very hard.
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    Archon Feedback

    I like this design, and I think I may use it. Some elements may need some attention, especially the member profile page, Tabs doesn't look aligned.

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