1. zastavra

    XF 2.X How to remove breadcrumb bar on xenporta2 portal page only

    It is not exactly a simple element. It is a rich snippet. even if contains only a single home link which means that the home page can be penalized. I was trying for about a month to recover from penalty when I realized that I should stop hiding our breadcrumb (bottom page). I just followed...
  2. zastavra

    XF 2.X How to remove breadcrumb bar on xenporta2 portal page only

    I'd suggest you not doing this because hiding content or snippet elements using css can trigger a manual penalty from google.
  3. zastavra

    XF 2.X Search location [Edge]

    Can you please add navigation and sub-navigation search locations on Edge please? Thanks.
  4. zastavra

    Announce at least an ETA

    Don't you guys think that it's time to announce at least an ETA? The reason that we cannot move on to XF2 is because of you and I think we deserve an answer to the question, how long we have to wait for XF2 upgrade on our websites.
  5. zastavra

    Xen Foro 2.0 Styles Preview

    Any progress on XF2 styles development?
  6. zastavra

    Not a Bug Hide Category Strip Description

    Before submitting a bug report we usually recommend trying to replicate the problem on a default XenForo style(if applicable) to eliminate the possibility of it being a bug related to our styles. Website address(optional): Bug Report Details: Category Strip Description is always visible on...
  7. zastavra

    Fixed Similar Threads does not work on Zipped

    We use Similar Threads add-on. There is an option "Show Below First Post" for showing similar threads under first post, when viewing a thread. This option does not work on Zipped style while works fine on XF Default style. Can you fix it please?
  8. zastavra

    XF 1.X Off-Canvas Menu

    Yes. PC sent. 1920x1080.
  9. zastavra

    XF 1.X Off-Canvas Menu

    I keep the default settings.
  10. zastavra

    XF 1.X Off-Canvas Menu

    Hi, Off-Canvas Menu appears in a non responsive view (laptop). Is that normal? It breaks the navbar menu. How can I fix that? Thanks.
  11. zastavra

    XF 1.X XenBase 1.5.3

    Oups, I got over excited by the news I guess. :)
  12. zastavra

    XF 1.X XenBase 1.5.3

    Thanks Russ. BTW, you forgot something...
  13. zastavra

    XF 1.X Conditionals in Advanced Footer

    Thanks Russ.
  14. zastavra

    XF 1.X Conditionals in Advanced Footer

    Hi, Is there a way I can use Conditional Statements in Advanced Footer? I'd like to hide a few links from guests. Thanks.

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