Forum Node List

This section will cover the added properties XenBase gives you to change the look of your node list.

We won't be covering everything but we'll try to cover some of the basics.

All of your edits will go inside your child style

The following properties can be found in: Style Properties -> [XB] Forum List & Category

Collapsible Categories

You can enable collapsible categories which allow your users to collapse any categories they don't use. This is cookie based and will remember their preference.

Enable Category Description Tooltip

By default XenForo shows category descriptions underneath the main category title, our framework allows you to stick it inside a tooltip. If you use HTML in your category descriptions you CANNOT use this property.

The following properties can be found in: Style Properties -> [XB] Nodes

Modern Layout

Modern Layout changes the default look of the XenForo 1.x setup to look like the following:

This setting CANNOT be used with our other node layouts.

Flexible Nodes

XenBase has a feature which we call Flexible Nodes which allows you to place your nodes into columns.
Out of the box you can set a global node width which will change all of your categories to your desired width. Setting it to 50% would make all of your nodes in a dual column.

We also allow you to set up to 5 different categories to a specific width. In additional to this option you can also "minimize" the nodes which will remove some extra information on them.

Sub-Forum Icons

We use Font Awesome out of the box to add icons in front of all the sub-forums. You can easily change the content of this by going to: Style Properties -> [XB] Nodes -> Node Subforum Read / Unread.

Inside the Miscellaneous box at the bottom you'll see content: "\f0da";, this is a Font Awesome Code. You can change the f0da to anything icon you want, find the full list here: .

Check out our other documentation on XenBase features, they can be found in the sidebar!

For further support please start a new thread here. If you want to obtain help via a support ticket just submit a ticket.

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