Getting Started

So you've got your style installed and you're ready to customize it! XenBase a powerful framework that comes with a lot of properties but the following is a little guide to get started on your style.

We prefix all of our custom property groups with [XB] so you can tell which we include in the framework. In additional we do have a few areas where we've added properties into the default groups where we see fit.

All of your edits will go inside your child style

Setting a logo

Setting your own custom logo is an easy task. If you're using an image-based logo we suggest naming it "sitelogo.png". You'll need to upload the logo to your style folder, specifically: "styles/your-style-folder/xenforo/sitelogo.png". Next set the logo path by going to Style Properties -> Header and Navigation. By default the location we use is: @ imagePath /xenforo/logo.png, which you can replace logo.png with sitelogo.png if you named it this.

We also have a text-based logo option built into the framework, check our Header and Navigation page for that.

Changing the width, fonts, border-radius

You can easily change these settings in a single place using our framework properties found here: Style Properties -> [XB] General Setup

You can change the Page Width to a fluid style if you'd like by simply changing the ####px value to a % such as: 95%.

Changing the custom footer

We've created a powerful yet simple to edit custom footer for all of our styles. You can learn more about customizing here.

Setting an Open Graph Logo

An Open Graph Logo is used in various places on external websites when your site is linked. Sharing your site on facebook, twitter or other third party sites will call your Open Graph Logo image. By default it uses a XenForo icon which you may want to replace. You can upload your custom image and overwrite: "styles/your-style-folder/xenforo/logo.og.png".

According to XenForo: Must be at least 200x200 and should be square.

Check out our other documentation on XenBase features, they can be found in the sidebar!

For further support please start a new thread here. If you want to obtain help via a support ticket just submit a ticket.

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