Header and Navigation

XenBase comes with quite a few styling properties and options specific to the header which can dramatically change the look of your forum.

We won't be covering everything but the section we're referring too can be found:
Style Properties -> [XB] Header and Navigation

All of your edits will go inside your child style

Enable Logo in Navigation

This option will shift the logo into the navigation, it completely removes the logo block so any features you try to add there won't show (social icons in the header, user panel, ad_header template ect...).

Enable Top User Bar

This option moves the user navigation such as the account dropdown, inbox and alerts into the moderator bar. This does not work along side the User Panel option we provide.

Sticky Header Elements

XenBase comes with a few options built in to have your moderator bar, navigation and sub-nav to float as you scroll down.

  • Enable Floating Nav Bar

    This will float the main navigation

  • Floating Navigation Height

    You can set the height of the fixed navigation, useful for larger navigations so it doesn't take as much room.

  • Enable Floating Logo inside Nav Bar

    This adds a logo that appears when the navigation is in fixed mode. You can style it and set the image in the property Navigation Logo (xbFloatLogo) on the left side.

  • Enable Floating Sub-Nav Bar

    This simply floats the sub-navigation along with the main navigation, for this to work you must have the main Floating Nav Bar option enabled

  • Enable Floating Moderator Bar

    This will make the moderator bar float at all times. This works along with the "Enable Top User Bar" which is a nice effect to have the user navigation and the admin controls float with you.

  • Disable Floating Navigation in Responsive

    You can define a width at which the floating navigation will disable.

Enable Nav Helper

Nav Helper is an option we provide to add a nice effect to your header. Out of the box it essentially copies your main nav bar and extends it to the full page width.

You may also hide this when the main navigation floats by checking the option below it: Hide Navigation Helper Scroll

Check out our other documentation on XenBase features, they can be found in the sidebar!

For further support please start a new thread here. If you want to obtain help via a support ticket just submit a ticket.

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