Here at Pixel Exit we want to make sure purchasing a style is extremely convenient for you. As we know not everyone has access to PayPal or likes to use it so we have another option for you. Please be sure to read our special notes to you at the bottom.

We're currently accepting Western Union on select orders. Due to time restraints and pick-up locations the minimum order for a Western Union purchase would be $45. This means you'd either need to purchase two styles or a style and its branding free.

For Western Union orders do not use the normal checkout method, instead submit a ticket

Our special notes to you

  • Absolutely no refunds on Western Union purchases
  • A license for the style(s) will be provided upon pick-up of the Western Union Payment - NEVER BEFORE
  • The Western Union fee is not part of the $45 minimum(you still need to purchase a minimum or $45 worth of Pixel Exit products)
  • Fee is paid by the sender(you)
  • We do our best to pick up the money as soon as possible to release the style license to you
  • Custom services such as full styles or style integration ect can be ordered via Western Union, same notes all still apply

When submitting a ticket to start your Western Union order please be very specific which style(s) you want, and branding free if any. Once we receive your ticket we'll respond with details to send the money via Western Union. If you're curious to know what the fee may potentially cost to send money you can use Western Union's fee estimator

Pre-Sale Questions

If you have any questions or concerns you want to ask before you make a purchase don't hesitate to use one of our multiple support channels for your convenience.