XenForo Custom Work

XenForo Custom Work

Here at Pixel Exit we not only provide a wide range of pre-made XenForo styles but we also offer custom XenForo work. We've worked with clients of all board sizes ranging form start-ups to well-established big boards.

Here's some of the work we take on

  • Full XenForo Custom Styles
  • Website Integration
  • Pre-Made style customization
  • PSD -> XenForo Styles
  • Portal Styling
  • Smaller Modifications
Not seeing something you need? Just contact us to find out if we can help you.

One of the many benefits by choosing us to work on your XenForo style is not only the fact you get an awesome looking style, but we help with any questions we can regarding XenForo. We have built a reputation over the years which is second to none we feel

What to expect

After you've filled out a Custom Work Request form we'll contact you shortly after to discuss your needs. Each project is different therefore we have no general quote for our work, we will provide you with a quote upon collecting all the details we need.
  • Full XenForo Custom styles can take up to 3 weeks(varies)
  • We don't work on any competitors styles
  • We do collect a 50% payment up front to begin work
  • We do showcase your style in our portfolio unless told otherwise

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