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$30.00 Apex is a lightweight dark style using only CSS backgrounds and minimal images for icons. Easily change the dominant blue color within the color palette to what you like.

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12 months

Apex 2.2.4

Apex 2.2.3

Apex 2.2.1

This is a minor version that fixes a few bugs and brings our styles up-to-date with XenForo 2.2.1. You should be running XenForo 2.2.1 before upgrading to this version. For the full announcement and upgrade instructions please see this thread

Apex 2.2

Our official 2.2 releases are here! This update comes with lots of improvements and various changes in regards to how we approach the styles. Please backup your style prior to upgrading. It's recommended installing on a test forum or as a brand new style to make sure it's working well on your forum.

See for the full release notes.

Apex 2.2 Beta 1 (Unsupported)

Apex 2.1.10

Apex 2.1.8

Apex 2.1.5

This update simply fixes the outdated templates that are appearing on the latest version of XF (2.1.5a). You must be running XenForo 2.1.5 to use this version. If you've already applied the edits here: then there is no need for you to apply this update. We have a massive update in progress that I'm excited to share more details in the near future.

For more details about this current update and how to upgrade properly, see our announcement thread here:

Apex 2.1.2

Apex 2.1.1

A new update has been released! This update focuses on bug fixes and improvements but also introduces a brand new "Canvas mode" for all our styles. Check out our announcement thread for further details and upgrade instructions.

Apex 2.1

This update brings the style up-to-date with XenForo 2.1. Please take a backup (export) of your styles before upgrading. For a full changelog along with upgrade/install instructions please see our announcement thread:

Apex 2.0.12

Apex 2.1 Beta 2 (Unsupported)

Apex 2.0.10

2.0.10 style updates are here! This is a large update so please back up your style before upgrading.

You can view the entire change-log for the framework and each style here:

Apex 2.0.6

This is a minor style release primarily focusing on XenForo's newly implemented GDPR changes. You must be running 2.0.6 to install this update. You can view the release announcement here.

To upgrade, export your current styles to back them up first and next simply import and overwrite the new parent XML.

Apex 1.5.20

This is a minor style release primarily focusing on XenForo's newly implemented GDPR changes. You must be running 1.5.20 to install this update. You can view the release announcement here.

Apex 2.0.5

Updates the style to XenForo 2.0.5. You must be on at least 2.0.5 to run this update.
View the full change-log here:


View this thread for full release details

Apex 2.0.4

A rather large update, introducing the brand new Design mode as well. To view the full release thread, visit this thread.

Apex 1.5.18

Apex 2.0.2

Brings the style up-to-date with XenForo 2.0.2. You should only use this version if you're running at least XenForo 2.0.2. For upgrade instructions and a full change-log please see:

Apex 2.0.1

Welcome to the initial 2.0 launch! This has been in the making for quite some time and we're finally excited to share it with you. There will be bugs and improvements to be made but we're here to help every step of the way.

Here's a good thread on some of the information you need, I highly suggest you read it.

This will NOT work on the XenForo 1.x series at all. Additionally, there's no way to upgrade your 1.x custom changes to the 2.x product line.

Please post any bug reports here:
Please post any suggestions here:

Thank you for your patience, once your license is active you may download the update here:

Apex 1.5.15

Small release bringing it up-to-date with XenForo 1.5.15. For full details, upgrade and installation instructions please see this thread:

Additionally stay on the lookout for an announcement regarding our 2.0 styles later this week!

Apex 1.5.14

Small update bringing it up-to-date with XenForo 1.5.14. For full details, upgrade and installation instructions please see this thread:

Apex 1.5.13

This is a rather large XenBase focusing primarily on the back end organization, bug fixes and just a general clean up. We aim to keep each release as easy as possible to upgrade but with this version we definitely pushed to clean things. You must upgrade your forum to at least 1.5.13 to install this update.

Please backup your current styles prior to upgrading.

For a full list of changes and links to instructions on upgrading and further support see the release thread here:

Apex 1.5.12

This is a minor update bringing our styles up-to-date with XenForo 1.5.12. Please see our announcement thread for a full change-log:

Apex 1.5.11

Apex 1.5.7

Hello everyone, we're currently pushing out our 1.5.7 updates. Once you receive the email you'll be able to download it immediately with an active license via your licenses area.

Before upgrading please make sure to take backups of your styles (XenBase, Purchased Style, and any child styles) before attempting updates. It is recommended to do some test imports so you can see what is affected!

You will need to upload the new /xenbase/ folder to take advantage of the latest Font Awesome 4.6.0 if you use the local version

  • FIXED User Panel Font Awesome Icons not showing up
  • FIXED Node Last Post Border-Radius
  • FIXED RTL Sidebar collapse
  • FIXED RTL Breadcrumb arrows
  • FIXED Moderator bar CSS loading for moderators with no content
  • FIXED Contact forms in overlays
  • FIXED User Panel FA Icons
  • FIXED Compatibility issue with Live Update showing duplicate alerts/convos
  • CHANGED User Panel setup, now uses the default navigation_visitor_tab template, new option added to remove the text
  • CHANGED Increased default account tab width causing an overflow
  • IMPROVED Modern Layout setup
  • ADDED Ability to show the Moderator Bar Text while using the Font Awesome icons, no option but you can add this in your extra.css to have an icon + text:
    .XenBase .xbModText { display: inline-block; }
  • UPGRADED Font Awesome to 4.6.0, you can read about it here
  • REMOVED: The following templates as they are no longer needed: xb_user_panel_tabs, xb_visitortabs_fa, xb_node_layoutsZero, xb_node_layoutsOne, xb_node_layoutsOne.css, xb_node_layoutsTwo, xb_node_layoutsTwo.css, xb_node_layoutsThree, xb_node_layoutsThree.css

Templates updated:
  • moderator_bar
  • navigation_visitor_tab
  • xb_navigation.css
  • xb_node_layouts.css
  • xb_user_panel
  • xb_user_panel.css

Thank you, for any bugs please report them in the Bug Reports area.

Apex 1.5.6

Before upgrading please make sure to take backups of your styles (XenBase, Purchased Style, and any child styles) before attempting updates. It is recommended to do some test imports so you can see what is affected!

New to XenBase
  • ADDED FLEXible Nodes, you now have more control over your node setup than ever ( Style Properties -> -- Nodes )
  • ADDED Font Awesome inside Account dropdown (Style Properties -> [XB] Font Awesome -> Enable FA Icons in the Account dropdown
  • ADDED Hide Extra User Info -> Style Properties -> [XB] Message and Elements
  • ADDED Ability to switch the sidebar in the member view
  • ADDED Extra editor FA icons to help with third party plugins
  • ADDED template: xb_top_bar_left for extra styling on the Top Bar
  • ADDED template: xb_top_bar_right for extra styling on the Top Bar
  • ADDED "Top Bar Right Side" (Style Properties: ├ ─ Top Bar) where you can easily add additional links
  • ADDED Backstretch Selector (allows you to target a specific div for the backstretch to load in)
  • ADDED FA Icon to "Enable Navigation Bar Login" which is enabled by the normal "Enable FA Icons in the Visitor Tabs"
  • ADDED Ability to switch your username on the account dropdown with text of your choice (Style Properties -> [XB] Header and Navigation -> Account Text)
  • ADDED CSS property to control the look of error messages
  • ADDED CategoryStrip to forum_view on sub-forum area: Does not display when enabling any sort of width adjustments for the forum_view

Improvements / Changes
  • CHANGED Account Menu for easy one property width adjustments
  • CHANGED Behavior of messageUserInfo Avatar sizing (s/m/l). Now setting it to large will no longer break your user info if you don't enlarge the messageUserInfo block enough
  • CHANGED Primary/Secondary Content Links to inherit the default: Style Properties -> General -> Link color
  • CHANGED Footer Links for Privacy Policy / Terms and Rules, we've now moved them into the default footer links area. This allows for easier customization of the copyright area!
  • CHANGED MessageUserInfo FA Boxed setup to Flexbox CSS
  • CHANGED QuickSearch CSS while set as a navigation tab, complete overhaul and now adheres to the styling of other popup menus
  • CHANGED CSS Styling for the gallery to match each style better
  • CHANGED Sub-forum icons from a regular content to Font Awesome. You may now easily change the icons being used via the cheat sheet.

Bugs Squashed
  • FIXED: Social logins aligning to the left
  • FIXED: Sticky Sidebar CSS Bug
  • FIXED: Mobile logo max-height now appropriately resizes to the mobile logo height
  • FIXED: Attachment Icons not showing on all locations
  • FIXED: Navigation bug with gallery when Disable Sub-Nav is enabled
  • FIXED: Applied a fix for floating logo option, previously would break smaller resolutions or setups with a lot of links
  • FIXED: Conflict with Live Update and User Panel option showing wrong # of alerts
  • FIXED: Sticky Sidebar + Collapse Sidebar not working properly

Key Notes:
  • We've changed the single xbButtonBorder color palette to: xbButtonBackground and xbButtonColor so if you've customized your buttons or they look off you may need to check the following:
    • Color Palette to adjust your colors for the two new properties
    • Style Properties -> Buttons -> (Button) (Sign-up Now Button Container / Inner) (Call-to-Action Button Container / Inner)
  • Node layouts have changed, we have added the ability to customize your nodes even further. In doing so we've removed the option for layouts 1 and 2 (Dual Column and Dual Column Minimal). The new node setup is now controlled by going to:
    Style Properties: ├ ─ Nodes
    If you were using one of the alternative node layouts you will need to set you options again via the style properties listed above
  • Floating Logo, we've had to re-approach the way we coded this, as of now this will no longer use the Text as Logo Option and instead only use an image you set. You must set a width on the property for it to work properly! You can find the property at:
    Style Properties: [XB] Header and Navigation - Navigation Logo (xbFloatLogo)
    I suggest simply reverting the property and re-applying your background image
Style Specific Changes:
The only changes for the style were to make it more compatible with the new features inside XenBase.

Please BACKUP ALL YOUR styles before performing the upgrade!

Apex 1.5.3

Apex 1.5.0

New Off Canvas Mobile Menu and much more!

Read the details here

Apex 1.4.4

Primarily a XenBase featured update you can find the change log here:

The footer has changed the way it works, please read the link above for instructions on the new footer and please back it up before upgrading!

XenBase Changes
  • Fixed - Modern Message layout in responsive views
  • Changed how the message layout works: 0 = Default, 1 = Alternate, 2 = Horizontal, 3 = Modern

  • Added support for global font size and border radius settings
  • Preset styling for message layouts included

Apex 1.4.3

This brings the style up to date for XenForo 1.4.3, It also adds fixes in specific for the official Gallery add-on.

The full XenBase change log can be found here:

You can read up on the new social icons here:

This update also provides cosmetic fixes for the style

To upgrade please FIRST! Backup your current XenBase/Style/Child Style

Then simply import and overwrite the XenBase + the style, all fixes/improvements will trickle down to your child style
  • Xenbase Updated to 1.4.3
  • Minor Style Improvements
  • Official XenForo Gallery Style Improvements

Apex 1.4.2

This is primarily a XenBase focused release with some minor improvements to the style. The latest XenBase includes the following:
  • Help sub-nav adjusted(fixes bug when viewing the help pages without the help tab enabled but removes the default sub-nav while viewing the help page now so it acts like XenForo)
  • PAGE_CONTAINER/navigation.css/thread_list brought up-to-date
  • Scroll buttons changed slightly(shows when you scroll from the top now)
  • Level 2 Category Nodes should now be working for all layouts and settings
  • New Style property for Locked Threads(we have css options for stickied/unread just left locked out originally)
  • Improved font awesome setup for thread list icons(sticky/locked ect)
  • Improved Icons for thread alerts(all use font awesome now and better use of them!)
  • iOS Button fixes
TO upgrade: Please make a backup of your styles first(xml's)! Then import and overwrite your old XenBase with the new one. Followed by overwriting the newest version of the style. All fixes will trickle down to your child style.

All clients can find their latest download in our Styles section. Thank you everyone!
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