Archon 1.5.20

Archon - a vertical navigation

Feature Summary

  • Vertical Navigation
  • Powered by XenBase

Product Details

Welcome to Archon... finally.
Archon brings a new type of style to XenForo with a vertical navigation setup by default. It's a highly detailed style which is powered by the XenBase Framework giving you hundreds of options to customize your forum even further. The style itself works best with the widget framework installed so you can manage the sidebar blocks easily.

Here are just a few of the awesome features in XenBase
  • Off-Canvas Menu
  • Floating Navigation
  • Multiple Node/Message/Page Layouts
  • Easy-to-edit advanced footer with unlimited possibilities
  • Collapsible Elements
  • Progressive Development (We love adding new features to our framework which you'll get the benefits of upon upgrading)!


  1. archon.png
  2. archon1.png
  3. archon2.png
  4. archon3.png
  5. archon4.png
  6. archonthumbnail.png

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