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$30.00 Build a stunningly unique community today! Bolt is an extremely flexible style that gives you the power of our framework to customize all aspects of it. It comes with multiple variations to get you up and running in minutes.

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Initial support
12 months

Bolt 2.2.6

Bolt 2.2.5

Bolt 2.2.4

Bolt 2.2.3

Bolt 2.2.1

Initial release of Bolt!
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  • Style Branding Free - $20.00 Purchasing this will allow you to remove the branding from all styles built by Pixel Exit on one site.

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Instant Download
Get your style immediately after your purchase
Quick Updates
We update our styles fast after a XenForo release
Superior Support
12 Months Ticket and Forum support, the best on the XF market
Easy to change
Our XenBase style framework makes for easy changes