Legendary 1.5.20


Feature Summary

  • Gaming Style
  • Beautifully Detailed
  • Pre-made gaming headers

Product Details

Legendary is just as the name says, it's freaking Legendary! A lot of time and effort has been put into this style to offer something completely unique to the XenForo software. As with all of our released we take proud in our styles and we hope it shows. This comes with 4 different header images along with an easy to edit PSD to make your own.

Also customers who purchase this can request a free graphic to be placed there. Simple editing only, you find an image we'll blend it in to work in the header


  1. editor.jpg
  2. legendary1.jpg
  3. legendary2.jpg
  4. legendary3.jpg
  5. legendary4.jpg
  6. members.jpg

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