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    Search bar in home page

    This is something i found related to pixelexit style, this is how search looking for me in home page, using chrome latest, elementary os.
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    XF 1.x Online indicator in index

    Was wondering if i can do such thing, like putting online indicator next to last post username to indicate of the last poster is online or not in index.
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    XF 1.x Permission error

    I can see the resource tab as guest but not when i'm logged in ^_^
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    Weird subforums alignement

    If i disable show subforums in pop up i get this as a result.
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    XF 1.x Show user panel and navigation visitor together

    Hello, i wanna edit the user panel to something else like posts,likes ext but i wanna show the .navTabs .visitorTabs in the same time, i tried to figure it out myself but couldn't :/
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    Login block dissapearing

    If you enable the new User Panel look , that will make login or signup dissapear
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    Left sidebar + sticky sidebar bug

    When i enabled these two options together i noticed this bug, tested on FF,chrome latest
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    Implemented Horizontal postbit option

    Im a fan of horizontal postbit, so what you guys think about it, a sexy looking horizontal postbit :)
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    XF 1.x Moving username above avatar in message user info panel

    Hello, i would like to know how to move the username above the avatar in user info panel in postbit. Thank you.
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    XF 1.x Scroll to top

    Hello guys, i bought core skin recently and i really love it but i have one question, i noticed in some forums using they have this scroll to top button http://i.imgur.com/PAgklAs.png Do we have an option to do such thing?

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