1. Russ

    XF 2.x Edge Canvas

    You can use the style selector in the footer to find the XenBase - Canvas style :). I've just added it.
  2. Russ

    XF 2.x Updated to latest version, what about child theme?

    Which version were you upgrading from? Depending on your setup you may just need to fix the outdated templates. If you were on 2.0.X and upgraded to 2.1, XF did major changes with the icons and other various bits.
  3. Russ

    XF 2.x Edge Canvas

    Hope all is well :), Sadly.... I think there may be performance issues when you have too many styles installed on a single forum. We had some weird issues that started to show up after we installed Evolve and all the color variations. If you'd like to see a specific style's version of Canvas let...
  4. Russ

    Straight answers, relatively fast

    Thank you very much! Positive words mean a lot to us! 🙏
  5. Russ

    XF 2.x Edge Canvas

    Here you go:
  6. Russ

    XF 2.x Your lack of "back to top" function disturbs me.

    We'll take it into consideration.
  7. Russ

    XF 2.x Your lack of "back to top" function disturbs me.

    I didn't speed read your post, just read it as "we ditched xenforo's default top button" which we didn't. Also, a simple CSS added to extra.less will always show those buttons: .XenBase .u-scrollButtons { opacity: 1; display: block; } Technically you could have the same "issue" with...
  8. Russ

    XF 2.x Your lack of "back to top" function disturbs me.

    XF has the button's built-in by default: ' Style properties -> Page setup We don't remove this but leave it set to When scrolling up by default (as XF does).
  9. Russ

    XF 2.x Style Core Question

    You can add this to hide it on the forum_list: [data-template="forum_list"] .p-body-header { display: none; } Ideally, you'll want that section there on other pages.
  10. Russ

    2.1.1 Style Updates

    No date just yet.
  11. Russ

    XF 2.x tabbed offcanvas menu and sidebar

    It didn't make it into our recent update, I ran out of time to get it properly introduced into the framework with our various options. Should be making an appearance in the next update though!
  12. Russ

    XF 2.x Add Support [TH] Holidays

    Maybe my coffee hasn't kicked in, but my code specifically hides the default Font Awesome icons. So... having that in your extra.less will hide the icons. To have them show... you need to remove the CSS.
  13. Russ

    XF 2.x Inquiries about spacer.

    As mentioned in the other thread, try to stick to Style properties -> Basic colors, this will prevent any major mishaps if you edit the colors correct (don't change content background from white to black here ect).
  14. Russ

    XF 1.x legendary custom node icons problem

    Good to hear!
  15. Russ

    XF 2.x change the color

    You seem to be making some dramatic color changes causing some issues. If you check out Style properties -> Basic colors, those control the bulk of the style and you'll avoid issues if you stick to a similar color palette.
  16. Russ

    XF 2.x Moving Nova message elemetns

    Not easily, you'll need to edit the template message_macros, move all of the extra details: <xf:if is="$user.user_id"> <xf:set var="$extras" value="{{ property('messageUserElements') }}" /> <xf:if contentcheck="true"> <div...
  17. Russ

    XF 2.x Add Support [TH] Holidays

    I guess I don't understand the problem, my code was to hide the icon so the TH Holiday node icon could work. Why leave my code in there if you're not using the add-on anymore.
  18. Russ

    2.1.1 Style Updates

    Not an option out of the box... but I can look into adding it for the next version.
  19. Russ

    Product spotlight: Evolve & XenBase

    I like to nitpick :D Thank you :D Almost there! I don't like doing this previews until we're just about ready which is why it took so long :(
  20. Russ

    XF 1.x legendary custom node icons problem

    So some of the images you start with no ", but end with it, like _23: background-image: url(https://kata-kai.online/styles/drift/images/bug.png"); Should be: background-image: url("https://kata-kai.online/styles/drift/images/bug.png");

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