1. D.O.A.

    XF 1.X Fragzone update

    Hi Russ and Steve, any ETA on the next fragzone update with the menu fix? It's my main theme :)
  2. D.O.A.

    XF 1.X 1.5 responsive menu weirdness

    Hi, I've just been trying out the 1.5 upgrade, I have a theme structure as follows (I use core theme also); - xenbase -- core 1.5 --- core forum theme -- fragzone 1.5 --- fragzone forum theme With fragzone on a smaller screen the menu icons fall behind the title of the first set of forums...
  3. D.O.A.

    XF 1.X Anchor links question

    Hi Russ. Just with a similar question with core theme on xenforo's forum, I tried applying the same on this theme and found it didn't seem to work. However this was on latest Chrome browser, so I tried Opera and Firefox and it seemed to work ok. So I'm not sure if maybe it's this chrome bug...

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