1. chojo

    XF 1.X [FA+] Top bar to bottom?

    @Steve Thank you kind sir, thread Resolved. Summary of the solution for other users: Add to Extra.css: .Responsive .xbTopBar { bottom: 0; position: fixed; z-index: 102; } .Responsive .footerLegal { margin-bottom: 40px; }
  2. chojo

    XF 1.X [FA+] Top bar to bottom?

    Almost.. almost! See my screenshot :)
  3. chojo

    XF 1.X [FA+] Top bar to bottom?

    Hi, I recently purchased your theme Font Awesome + and I tried to get a sticky bar like you have on Pixel Exit at the bottom of my site. I think this could be really useful for my members and the header is already crowded with things, so the bottom of my page could be a good fit. Could someone...
  4. chojo

    XF 1.X Icons in navigation bar

    Hi everyone, I really liked the icons in the FlatAwesome style. I would like to have the same icon that you can find beside Ressources, members and forum. Also, replace the conversation and alert word for the enveloppe and pin icon. If this unclear, I appologize and will try to explain it...

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