1. J

    XF 1.X Maintaining Edited Templates Through Style Upgrades

    Hi @Russ, or @Steve Currently, i'm using the old version of Core style, i also edited some templates to change the colors,... in that old style version. Now i want to upgrade the style to a newest version, which means i have to replace the current style version to the newest one. Before i...
  2. J

    XF 1.X Unable to edit some templates in Core style

    Hi @Russ, I tried to add rich username in the "node_forum_level_2" of Core style by follow the below thread: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/add-username-style-to-last-post.1031/ But i was unable to do it as the whole Xenforo admin is "FREEZE" when i wanna make any changes in that...
  3. J

    XF 1.X Moving Navigation To The Top Of Header

    Hi Russ, I had purchased the "Core" style on your website. I really love the navigation that moved to the header in that style. I was tried to apply it to the other styles but it is not working as the moderation bar is still appeared. So can i ask if you are able to help me to move the...

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