1. anthonyparsons

    XF 2.X message_macros

    Purely just to cleanup things... this little bad boy will not merge, not even manually saving the template. Solution?
  2. anthonyparsons

    XF 2.X Moderator Menu

    Hey Russ, I remember in an earlier version that the mod menu allowed for the red icon number for items (moderated, reported, etc) showed on the main menu name as well as the sub-menu items. I see this changed... I put the approval queue back under the moderator menu (nice and neat, all in one...
  3. anthonyparsons

    XF 2.X 2.0.7 Message Macros Template

    Hey Russ, With XF 2.0.7 there seems to only be the one template needing merges, message macros, but a quick question, there is one resolve that requires attention. Is using your modified version the correct option? Or do you need to make changes to your option too?
  4. anthonyparsons

    XF 1.X Flat Awesome +

    With debug on, I get this error on screen...
  5. anthonyparsons

    XF 1.X Off Canvas Sidebar - How Does It Work?

    When enabling the off-canvas sidebar under mobile settings, how do you view the sidebar in an off-canvas manner? I don't see a link to toggle it on either FA+ or Edge themes, both of which I'm testing right now.
  6. anthonyparsons

    XF 1.X Download Says 1.4.1

    Is that the right download on offer... still saying 1.4.1?
  7. anthonyparsons

    XF 1.X Dual Columns For Sub-Forums

    It would be nice to see the dual columns extended to cover sub-forums, as these become quite ugly when using the node dual layout, yet are displayed as a single column. I use "1" for my layout, minimal... and sub-forums look terrible minimalist in a single column, instead of following their...
  8. anthonyparsons

    XF 1.X Floating Nav Bar on Mobiles

    Just FYI, the floating nav bar needs an additional option to disable it automatically when on mobiles, as we tested this on the weekend and loved the floating nav, except when we went to post on the phone the mobile nav floated over the text field and I couldn't enter text. I had to disable the...
  9. anthonyparsons

    XF 1.X Xenforo 1.2.1

    Were any of Core's templates changed due to XF 1.2.1?

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