1. chojo

    XF 2.x URL parameters

    Hello, Excuse me, I don't know where to actually post my question and since i'm a customer, I thought it could be a good idea to post my question here! I would like to know if it's possible to put a parameter inside a URL to get the current username as the subject title of a new thread? I have...
  2. chojo

    XF 2.x XenBase - Moderator bar

    Hi, Please see the attached screen shot, it speak for itself. Also, why does the Moderator and Admin is not at the right, center or left? It's like floating somewhere between center and left. I would like those to be aligned left. Thank you!
  3. chojo

    XF 2.x Canvas theme question

    Good morning @Russ, I hope you are going well. I have a question regarding canvas theme. Is it possible to move the user login, private message and alerts which is located at the top right to the top, under the logo, of the sidebar menu? You can refer to the screenshot I took to illustrate it...
  4. chojo


    Hi everyone, Do someone have a step by step guide to how migrating our xenforo site from http to https? Ideally, a free solution would be great! Thank you
  5. chojo

    Fixed [Edge] Sticky separator create a style problem when enabled

    HI @Russ , See attached files, you will understand right away. Let me know if you need further details.
  6. chojo

    XF 1.x Show forum stats on a custom page

    Hi @Russ , I have a technical question for you today. I'm using Brogan's addon CTA Featured thread on my homepage and I try to show my forum stats before my featured thread. I don't know how to proceed and I though you could know how to add my forum stats on it. I have attached an example of...
  7. chojo

    XF 1.x [Edge] Welcome notice questions

    Hi @Russ , I have three question about the Welcome notice. 1) Can this notice be present for all the members, not only the guest? 2) Can I set this notice to be present on certain area of my forum only? (ie. On CTA Portal page or forum index) 3) Can the background picture of the notice rotate? I...
  8. chojo

    XF 1.x [Edge] Using SVG in the logo section

    Hi @Russ , When I insert the path of my SVG logo inside the logo field, my logo disapear. This already happened to me in the past. What I did in the past was to put a max-height to my logo, but by default there already a max-height .XenBase #logoBlock #logo img { max-height: 55px; } I'm...
  9. chojo

    XF 1.x [Edge] Global minimize without removing last post

    Hi @Russ , First of all, Edge seems pretty good so far, haven't fall into a bug yet. You have earned your beer! I have a question for you about node customization. I would like to get what the Global minize offert me in the exception of the last post. So, I would like to remove the node...
  10. chojo

    Any new styles coming up soon?

    All in the title ! Just trying to steal Sherlock Holmes's job you know :LOL:
  11. chojo

    XF 1.x Bottom bar CSS question

    I have installed CTA Portal addon and the CTA FT Layout to help me customize it. I have previously asked help here about getting a bottom bar like on PixelExit's website. Here is the solution we found to make it work: /* <----- TOP BAR TO BOTTOM ------->*/ .Responsive .xbTopBar { bottom: 0...
  12. chojo

    XF 1.x [FA+] How to use SVG format for logo?

    All in the title, I would like to use SVG format for my logo, how can I achieve that? I have tried to put a direct path to my svg file, but it wont work. Thank you in advance for your time.
  13. chojo

    [FA+] Account link

    Hi, When I click on /account/ link, it redirect me in the middle of the page and not at the very top. You can see a screen shot of the screen position. Thank you in advance for the support.
  14. chojo

    XF 1.x [FA+] Change color of a specific node category

    Hi, I would like to change the color of a specific node category. I tried the "Node Customizations" template properties but It don't seems to work. My node URL finish with a number (88) so I guess I need to write in the field "node_88", right?
  15. chojo

    XF 1.x [FA+] Add a FontAwesome icon to the menu bar

    Hi, I would like to add a FontAwesome icon to my menu bar that will point to my CTA Featured Threads page for my homepage. I don't wanna install an addon (node as tabs) just to achieve this. I'm pretty confident that there an simple solution to this :) Thank you in advance
  16. chojo

    XF 1.x [FA+] Stats in each node

    Hi, Is it possible to show the stats of a node for each node? If yes, it is possible to remove the stats after a certain screen size (ie. not show up the stats when in mobile mode)? Thanks in advance
  17. chojo

    XF 1.x [FA+] User menu bar icon

    Hi, I feel a little bit noob as I don't figure out where to change this, I would like to remove the font-awesome icon beside the avatar in the user menu bar (just wanna keep the avatar here) and change the alert font-awesome icon. Easy question, I know, sorry for my ignorance :) Thanks in advance
  18. chojo

    [FA+] Flicker problem with CTA Portal

    Hi, I don't really know if this thread is posted at the appropriate place, please move this thread if its in the wrong section. Thanks. My problem is quite illustrated in my screen shot. When I load my portal page with CTA Featured Thread, there is a second flicker with articles boxes. I don't...
  19. chojo

    XF 1.x [FA+] Top bar to bottom?

    Hi, I recently purchased your theme Font Awesome + and I tried to get a sticky bar like you have on Pixel Exit at the bottom of my site. I think this could be really useful for my members and the header is already crowded with things, so the bottom of my page could be a good fit. Could someone...
  20. chojo

    XF 1.x Icons in navigation bar

    Hi everyone, I really liked the icons in the FlatAwesome style. I would like to have the same icon that you can find beside Ressources, members and forum. Also, replace the conversation and alert word for the enveloppe and pin icon. If this unclear, I appologize and will try to explain it...

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