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    XF 1.X Invisible stuff

    I don't know quite how to explain this. I'll do my best. I talking about the Core style. I believe it's called the thread view? The titltes are invisible until you hover over them and most of the Last Message names are invisible as well. Though a cool effect, I'd like to have it visible.
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    XF 1.X Change color Donate box

    How do I change the color of the Donate box? It's driving me mad! :( As per Russ working with me this week, he suggested I create a new child style and redo my customizations. Well this one I can't remember/figure out. EDIT: It's also in another box (see screenshot)
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    XF 1.X Forum List & Category Nodes

    As you can see from my screenshots when the sub forums are greater than 2 the 3rd one shifts to the right. When node layout type is 2. How can I fix that? Thanks!
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    XF 1.X Make Header Navigation Wider

    How can I make the header navigation wider? Thanks.
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    XF 1.X Gamerexit

    There's a rather huge box at teh top of gamerexit .com inviting people to join the site. How can I accomplish that? Somewhere in style properties? Thanks.
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    XF 1.X Forum Description for sub forums

    I noticed the forum description for sub forums does not show when hovered. I checked the nodes and there is indeed a description in there. Curious. Thnx.
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    XF 1.X Background Hover On Navigation Bar

    This is the Apex Dark Style. Would like the background hover on the navigation bar to match the color I've chosen. How can I accomplish this? Thanks!
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    XF 1.X ThreadAlerts Secondary Content

    According to Firebug that is what it's called. This is happens with closed threads. As you can see it can be difficult on the eyes. How can I fix this? Also, will it affect other areas, I am not sure about that aspect. Thanks.
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    XF 1.X iPad issues

    Are there any reported issues with the iPad with the Core and/or Apex styles? I have a user who is claiming these issues: - I keep having to refresh or else the forum just freezes up. - I can't vote on the polls. - I'm having log out troubles. It's like the tap screen isn't responding
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    XF 1.X Apex Dark Change Color From Blue To Gold

    Working on my Apex dark style (not live yet) changing the color from blue to gold. I've successfully changed many things using the Color palette. The screenshots I've provided is where it seems I cannot change the color.
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    XF 1.X Make Header Navigation larger

    How can I acheive making the Core (I guess it would be called Header Navigation?) as large/big as the Apex. FYI: The Core is the green screenshot. Apex the black/blue. I've tried a few things and it hasn't worked. Even allowed for cache time. Thanks!!
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    XF 1.X Increase Width of Sidebar

    I'd like to increase the width of the sidebar oh so slightly, LOL. :)
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    XF 1.X Mobile no longer shows header

    If you check my site on mobile the header is not showing. Just the word core on a black background.
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    XF 1.X Sub Forums below forum as list

    How do I make the subforums appear below a forum as a list and not a dropdown? Thanks.
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    XF 1.X Message User Info Box

    I'm using two styles: Core and Apex. hence the reason I did not use a prefix for this thread. See screenshots. The Apex message user info box has nice boxes around each entry. How can I acheive that with Core. Thank you.
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    XF 1.X New Post Indicator

    The new post indicator isn't showing on my Apex. Probably just a check box somewhere but can't find it. PS. That's a screenshot of another style (Core).
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    XF 1.X Update to 1.5 to include Dark

    I'm going to update to 1.5 momentarily. I am not incorporating the Dark style at this time but would like to. Instead of just installing it and then having to do all the edits. Can I just make it a "copy" of my light core? Bonus question: For this update we have to upload the purchased...
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    XF 1.X Widen message userinfo name

    As you can see from the screenshots some names wraparound. How can I fix this? Thanks.
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    XF 1.X Upgraded to XenForo 1.5

    I just upgraded to XenForo 1.5 I have Core 1.4.4 See screenshots. I have outdated templates. How do I fix these? And/Or will Core 1.5 when it's released fix these? Please advise. Thanks!!
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    XF 1.X Suggestions for Site functions and Useful lists

    Any suggestions on what to put into the site functions and useful lists? Having brain freeze. Thanks.

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