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    XF 1.X Wired threads

    For some reason the search and now threads aren't sitting right. I know the themes haven't been updated to 1.5. Do you have a temp fix for 1 and 2 in the image?
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    XF 1.X Drop down Share buttion

    So i was thinking maybe you guys should look into a nice little share button when you hover over it will show all the way to share a news post. this way the page doesn't look like:
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    XF 1.X Guide for upgrading

    Is there a guide on updating from 1.2 to 1.2.1?
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    XF 1.X Staff Banner

    I'm seeing a few people take about the staff banner. Is there a way to add a Fusion Gamer Properties to change the color of the font and banner? This way people can even more custom work to the theme.
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    XF 1.X More theme colors

    Can we add more colors to the theme other than blue/green/grey/orange/purple. I think it would be great to pick red and i think others might have more colors they would like to see.
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    XF 1.X XenPorta Image bug

    After posting in the addons resource on xenforo site. I am thinking its a theme issue not a plugin. I am trying to put images into the news post but it keeps coming up in this little image block on the site. I want to keep it in the post.
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    XF 1.X background

    I am trying to add my own background to the theme was wondering how do i make it a width instead of the fixed html { background: url("linktowallpaper") no-repeat fixed center top #000000; }

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