1. Carlos

    XF 1.X Does "Core" come with a dark skin?

    So, I saw a Call of Duty Forum with "Core," I've decided to see if there was a dark version of it. And there is - However, when I go to the styles page, it doesn't show. When I go to this page: https://pixelexit.com/demo/?theme=%20-%20Core%20Dark And I click "purchase" it takes me to the "Core"...
  2. Carlos

    XF 1.X Question for Apex

    I like the skin, but I have decided to allocate it to a future destiny forum. I was inspired by another [destiny] forum running apex.
  3. Carlos

    XF 1.X Question for Apex

    Wow, superb support in this thread. I'd just purchased Apex to install on a Xbox site. :D

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