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    XF 1.X xenPorta Collasible Sidebar

    I have been trying to use the Collasible Sidebar for a while now then I looked at my /portal/ page and saw a arrow. I clicked the arrow and it hid all of my portal page. This arrow isn't on the forums node area. http://chillax-gaming.com/community/portal/ I am happy I figured out this as I...
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    XF 1.X Remove space between

    Hello, I have moved my nav bar below the logo and I am attempting to move it down so it is touching the content. I am unsure where I would go to do this. http://chillax-gaming.com/community/misc/style?style_id=23 Second thing, is there a way to cut the nav bar off so it isn't going all the way...
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    XF 1.X [How?] Completely Remove Sidebar

    Hello, I am looking to completely strip the sidebar away from my forums. I went to Did all of that Then his happened. This image is EXTREMELY zoomed out to show you what happened. Pretty much the nav and what not went UNDER the nodes.

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