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    XF 1.x deleted message bar colors

    I don't think I modded this area or colors... Is this white on almost-white-grey happening for others, or is it a custom color change bug? I highlighted the 2nd half with my mouse. not in the SS, but the icon on the far right suffers the same fate. I assume its a font awesome guy...
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    XF 1.x 1.3.3 upgrade

    doesn't look like too much template changes in the XF release. Any one run into issues with upgrading?
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    XF 1.x pagination squish

    Posted this before when you guys were having issues... here's a screen cap of 100's and 1000's simply not fitting on the button can these boxes auto-expand?
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    XF 1.x Double "font awesome" include

    Looks like font awesome is already being included from the netdna CDN. Why does xenbase re-include it?
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    XF 1.x Up arrow out of place

    Anyone else having the To the Top arrow floating over content? It used to be all the way over, but after 1.3.2 upgrades of xf and the style, it's mis-placed:
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    XF 1.x disable moderator bar 'waypoint'

    it's always there, in view, and it's annoying. is there a way to turn it off from 'floating' over content and just have it stick to the page top, not viewport top?
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    XF 1.x Modest multiquote button wrong size

    this is in chrome browser on chromebook. Using the modest theme on xf 1.3 with the 1.3 skin update and base as well.

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