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    XF 1.X Horizontal Postbit Question

    So, I was playing with the postbit a bit, and had a few questions. Is there any way I can move the post content to the left rather than it being centered. It also seems that one of the Trophy bars I have is being cut off. Finally, is there anyway I can adjust the font awesome containers to...
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    XF 1.X CTA Featured Threads Navigation Icon

    When setting CTA Featured threads as the index page, no home navigation icon shows. What would I have to do in order to set it?
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    XF 1.X Frag Zone Upgrade Glitches

    I hadn't gone to 1.4 since I was waiting for some core 1.3 add-ons to update as well. They finally have, and I started making the transition to 1.4. All the add-ons worked fine, but once I updated the style, things seemed to glitch up. Fonts are all messed up, some add-ons are just plain broken...

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