1. Russ

    XF 2.X Gaming theme (glossy)

    Spotlight coming soon :)
  2. Russ

    XF 2.X Merge staff with online edit

    I think this css should do it: [data-widget-key="forum_overview_members_online"] { .block-textHeader.block-textHeader--scaled { color: @xf-textColorDimmed;} .block-body-inner .block-row { padding-left: 0; padding-right: 0; display: inline-block; }...
  3. Russ

    XF 1.X Flatawesome like theme using Icomoon Icons

    Editor icons, uh oh :D
  4. Russ

    XF 1.X Flatawesome like theme using Icomoon Icons

    not an icon: https://fontawesome.com/how-to-use/on-the-web/styling/rotating-icons just an effect.
  5. Russ

    XF 1.X Flatawesome like theme using Icomoon Icons

    Yep, you can find all the fa- icons we use in that file.
  6. Russ

    XF 1.X Flatawesome like theme using Icomoon Icons

    In the XenBase XML I suppose you could use some sort of regular expression in like notepad++ to extract all of the fa-icon codes but I'm not sure how to do that. Otherwise just searching the xenbase xml for all fa fa- icons and make a list from there. Not all are used for example social icons if...
  7. Russ

    XF 1.X Flatawesome like theme using Icomoon Icons

    Something like this then I'd just remove the Font Awesome call and include the custom font file, it seems easy enough as a template modification. I can help guide you if you want to give it a shot, should still work the same way I guess.
  8. Russ

    XF 1.X Flatawesome like theme using Icomoon Icons

    I thought I responded to this, while the idea is nice, honestly, this seems like it'd be quite the pain to handle on a style release level. The editing of the font file is nice but when you think I'd need to cater to every customer who may be running add-ons that add FA icons or they'll want to...
  9. Russ

    XF 2.X Nova statistics

    Try this in extra.less: @media (min-width: 450px) { .p-staffBar-link:last-child { float: right; } } The min-width makes it so it doesn't float it in small screens to avoid conflicts.[/code]
  10. Russ

    XF 2.X Tag edit button icon missing

    If I had to guess it's something to do with how you're using the 5.x shim for Font Awesome. "fa-pencil" doesn't exist in the free font awesome, it's actually fa-pencil-alt. You could edit thread_view and find: fa-pencil, replace with fa-pencil-alt. When you upgrade to 2.1 and remove the 5.x...
  11. Russ

    XF 2.X Tag edit button icon missing

    Can you post a screenshot of the default style, what exactly is there? Looks to be an add-on so I'm just curious.
  12. Russ

    XF 2.X Tag edit button icon missing

    If you switch to the default style is it broken there too?
  13. Russ

    XF 2.X Where is the style property to disable node stats on hover

    No property, you can add this to extra.less: .block--category .node .node-stats { opacity: 1; } Although I should add a property as a lot of people like it visible :D
  14. Russ

    XF 2.X Nova: Search icon not contained when text logo is too long

    There are some mobile improvements in our next release, but essentially you can reduce the padding in mobile: @media (max-width: 650px) { .p-nav-opposite .p-navgroup-link { padding: 20px 10px; }} Should help.
  15. Russ

    XF 2.X FlatAwesome+: Keep "What's new" in visitortab in max width?

    Not easily, you'd need to edit the PAGE_CONTAINER template and all of the links there. Specifically looking for: <div class="p-navgroup p-account {{ $xf.visitor.user_id ? 'p-navgroup--member' : 'p-navgroup--guest' }}">, adding the entire menu under there.
  16. Russ

    XF 2.X FlatAwesome+ 2.1 Beta 2

    I'm not sure I follow, if you want the toggle feature to be gone you can just remove the alternate page width. The width of the navigation would adjust with that if the user chose to toggle the width... so I'm a bit confused on what you're trying to achieve, sorry about that!
  17. Russ

    Happy Holidays!

    Hello everyone, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday this year. As usual each year we'll be taking a few days to spend with our families so please expect a slight delay in support. As always, thank you for your continued support, when we get back I think I'll post our next style preview...
  18. Russ

    XF 2.X 2.0.12 Page Container

    I'll respond to your ticket about your other question, we can take it from there. Outdated templates just mean a template has been edited (by either you or us) and it has since been updated by XenForo or us. The edits just need to be re-applied...
  19. Russ

    XF 1.X Adara Style: Display of Visitor Tabs on Mobile

    Interesting, that's not how it displays on the stock XF. I'm guessing it's something to do with that Switch Account link, if you disable that add-on does it fix it for you?
  20. Russ

    XF 2.X Add Support [TH] Holidays

    It's updated for me on your site (after I switch past TH style).

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