1.4.0 Beta 1 Updates Pushed out + XenBase Update

Hello everyone,

We've pushed out updates for all of our paid styles to make them compatible with 1.4.0 Beta 1. We've made a decision to jump to this as XF's betas are usually really stable so we have no problem using it. Now more than likely we'll see a few beta versions of 1.4 and we probably won't push an update out for every single beta. This initial 1.4.0 Beta 1 release had a good amount of outdated templates which broke the new features so we felt it was a good time to release it.

With that said... more than likely we will see a 1.3.5 version at least it sounds like it with some comments made by Mike over at xenforo.com. More than likely we won't be pushing out an update for 1.3.5 as we'll be putting our ideas and power into this 1.4.0 stable release.

With that said... we have some really cool things planned for the 1.4.0 stable release which we hope everyone will enjoy. We've already started on some of these features and they are coming out great. If you have a specific suggestion feel free to make it here or shoot me a PM.

As always, we truly appreciate everyone's support, we wouldn't be here without everyone of you.

Pre-Sale Questions

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