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This is a post we've been meaning to do for awhile but have had our hands tied for the time being with the site upgrade. We released our 1.4.1 Xenbase stable update this past week and so this post will touch upon a few of those updates.

This was a rather significant change-log and so we may be missing certain things out as it's was in development for quite some time.


  • New Property for Navigation navTabs when sticky (.fixed class)
  • New Option: Add text in sign up now button
  • New Option: Float Logo in the Navigation, hidden in mobile below 610px
  • New Properties for Floating Logo
  • New Property Quick Search Active (xb_quickSearch_active)
  • QuickSearch Common Searches uses font awesome now
  • Visitor Tab Font Awesome option (Icons show in narrow responsive with no text by default)
  • New Options: XenBase Node Colors (style each category with a new color: max 5 supported)
  • New Feature - User Panel - Displays a user panel in the header
  • Animated Online Indicator - Thanks @zagorskey
  • Welcome Bar for Guests - Configurable @ Style Properties -> [XB] General Setup
  • New Private Controls responsive dropdown menu - *Reference*
  • Message area improvements
  • Integrated AddThis floating bar

  • Sidebar Collapse page jump
  • Sign-up Now Button Container border-radius
  • Corrected Collapsible sidebar icon line-height/height
  • Alternate Login no longer requires "Enable Login Overlay"
  • Scroll up/down buttons covering footer links when viewing on small screens
  • XB Tooltip for moderation que in the moderation bar (was overflowing on small screens)
  • Lots of property page changes, mainly organization
  • Moved some properties to XenForo default properties to cut down on clutter
  • Category Toggle Trigger HTML moved to the end of categoryText
    • Change the MISC field in the property [XB] Node / Forum List -> Collapse Trigger to:
      position: absolute;
      right: 10px;
      top: 5px;
  • "Old School" node layout to something people might actually use
  • [XB] Forum / Node List cleaned up
  • Unread indicator on thread_list_item to font-awsome
  • Scroll Up/Down button html layout - Properties will need reverted to apply update
  • Optimized a lot of the CSS so it's not loading on every single page
  • Category Old School discussions/messages title from the node_category_level_1 template
  • Category Collapse "Toggle View" tooltip
  • Show Reply to Thread Button

Attached are some of the main features in the 1.4.1 update.

If you have questions about where a setting is location, or having trouble with a feature on a specific style please post in the Customer Support Section.

If you're looking for some questions before you purchase please use our Pre-Sales forum.

Thank you everyone.


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Is there documentation for XB anywhere?

Lots of little questions which some documentation might help with.

For example, in Core, the font is set as "@xb_webfont_primary" but where's that defined?

What does a "footer layout" of 1 mean?
Unfortunately it's one thing we're lacking in is the documentation.

With 1.4 we moved a lot of the initial setup of the style into : [XB] General

The primary fonts/sizes, border radius, width is all there now.

I think Brivium released a documentation add-on which could help speed up the process.

Pre-Sale Questions

If you have any questions or concerns you want to ask before you make a purchase don't hesitate to use one of our multiple support channels for your convenience.