1.4.2 Updates pushed out

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    Everyone should of gotten an email announcing the update for their style but our styles have been updated for 1.4.2. This is primarily a XenBase focused released improving various areas and some minor bug fixes.

    The official patch notes:

    • Help sub-nav adjusted(fixes bug when viewing the help pages without the help tab enabled but removes the default sub-nav while viewing the help page now so it acts like XenForo)
    • PAGE_CONTAINER/navigation.css/thread_list brought up-to-date
    • Scroll buttons changed slightly(shows when you scroll from the top now)
    • Level 2 Category Nodes should now be working for all layouts and settings
    • New Style property for Locked Threads(we have css options for stickied/unread just left locked out originally)
    • Improved font awesome setup for thread list icons(sticky/locked ect)
    • Improved Icons for thread alerts(all use font awesome now and better use of them!)
    • iOS Button fixes
    TO UPGRADE: Please make a backup of your styles first(xml's)! Then import and overwrite your old XenBase with the new one. Followed by overwriting the newest version of the style. All fixes will trickle down to your child style.

    All clients can find their latest download in our Styles section. Thank you everyone!
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