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New Features and Updates for the 1.4.3 XenBase version

  • Updated Backstretch
  • Replaced all of the standard popup menu arrows with font awesome
  • Replaced navigation arrow image with font awesome
  • You can now have a "slideshow" background using Backstretch
  • Ability to enable message header without having to turn on alternate message
  • Social Icons! Multiple options and positions
  • Added gallery font awesome icon
  • Added support for Media Gallery Sidebar(Inherits default sidebar styling)
  • Added xb_custom_style.css template
  • Disable sub-nav works correctly with sub-nav now
  • Collapsing category js was loading every page
  • Floating navigation minor performance improvement
  • Fixed footer border radius if advanced footer is enabled
  • User Panel Option hid alerts in small responsive view
  • Starred Conversations fixed(missing FA)
  • Footer Copyright Font Size
  • Adjusted visitor tab avatar to position correctly when increasing/decreasing navigation height

One of the biggest features added here is the social icons setup. We've created a resource on how to set them up and display them in various locations. Here's a preview of some of the abilities for it!
(obviously you wouldn't have this many duplicated icons :) just showing various positions)
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This isn't available to download yet though, correct?

We wait for the style we all bought to be updated to 1.4.3?

Correct, you'll get an email notification when I push the updates out today. I usually post the change log first, shortly followed by the actual release.
I've pushed out updates for all but Apex and Detour.

Those will come tomorrow.

You can view the new backstretch "slideshow" in action here. We like it :D
I updated the Xenbase but in styles it still says 1.4.1

Style name never changes even if you import. You can manually change the title on XenBase for your records. To double check style version on XenBase go to Style Properties -> [XB] XenBase and Style Version (style properties get overwritten if you overwrite a style so we keep record that way).

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