1.4.4 Style Updates

Thank you everyone for their patience while we updated our styles. In the next few hours everyone should receive an email letting you know that the download is ready.

As with any update backup your current styles FIRST! This includes exporting XenBase, your premade style, then your custom style. If your using the advance footer on your current site please read the bottom of my post.

The change log for 1.4.4 update is as followed:
  • Option to turn on font awesome icons next to the default xenforo footer links(RSS will always remain an icon)
    • To use only font awesome you and hide the text on the links, you can use this inside extra.css:
      .footer a span {
      display: none;
  • Option to adjust fading in of background with backstretch(0 to disable fade)
  • Style properties specific to the top and bottom breadcrumb containers
  • Optional replacement of breadcrumb home phrase with font awesome(Style Properties -> Breadcrumb)
  • Added a new optional div inside the content area:
    <div class="xbContenthelper"></div>
    this can be used to create various effects(one we use it commonly for is a solid background for the sidebar that spans 100% height of the content, tutorials to follow)
  • Horizontal Post bit
  • "Modernized" Post bit, mimics our official post bit on Pixel Exit
  • Ridiculously awesome new footer setup(slightly more advanced but FAR FAR more customizable)
  • Style property to adjust profile blocks, can add padding/margin/background-color/borders to the various messages on the profile page
  • Option to turn on Font Awesome next to message controls inside a post

  • Social icons had a wrong link set
  • Fixed a small floating navigation glitch where it was adding unnecessary margin-top to the logo block in some cases
  • Sub-navigation right side spacing correctly adjusts for when you set the quicksearch to enable(Style Properties -> [XB] Quick Search -> Quick Search Responsive Width)
  • Disabled node descriptions for touch devices on dual column layouts(was breaking them)
  • Prefix dropdown arrow
  • Misc other smaller fixes
  • Breadcrumb border inherits secondary border color(uses secondarycontent for bg)
  • Made it so the attachment box inherits the general styling better from the bbcodes/quotes
  • Fixed a few hard coded font sizes
  • Public warnings/moderated messages now use font awesome instead of the default xenforo sprite
  • Improved the css(placed bulk bits of CSS specific to certain pages to load only on those pages)
  • Changed the way the default online indicator is positioned, works with any size message user area and all layouts!
  • Old footer layouts(please backup your style/changes to your footer before upgrading)

Advanced Footer Users

Initially when we set up the footer we wanted it easy for any user to go in and adjust things. By doing this and giving users multiple layouts we completely over looked how the footer should of been from the start.

With this upgrade you will more than likely need to re-work your footer a little. Before upgrading your style, of course export all of your styles to back them up but you can also copy the contents of your Style Properties -> [XB] Footer blocks, such as the about us / link groups and paste them into a new notepad file or something like it.

When you go to upgrade there is no more layouts but just 4 simple blocks. You can set the width on each block and set content to do in each one.

This is far better but slightly more complicated than previous. But it will allow for users to make some really awesome footers for their site.

I posted a little about the footers here:
https://pixelexit.com/threads/1-4-4-footer-changes-important.1732/ and a resource will come shortly after the 1.4.4. updates.

Thank you everyone for your continued support, you allow us to do this every day and we really appreciate it.
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