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    Over the course of today everyone will be receiving an email letting you know your style has been updated. We're really happy with this release, we've spent a good amount of time setting up the styles for easier customization. We've added a few new features, improved existing and fixed the few reported bugs we had.

    To upgrade as always backup your styles first by exporting them!

    Import and overwrite XenBase first, followed by the style you own(overwrite as well). All changes will trickle down to your child style

    Upload the new /xenbase/ folder to your /styles/ folder

    Here's the initial change log for 1.4.5:
    • Fixed missing arrows for account page/help dropdown in responsive view
    • Fixed icons for deleted threads
    • Fixed a bug where floating just the navigation and not the sub nav would cause a small area to be not click-able beneath the navigation
    • Fixed a few other minor CSS problems
    • UPDATED: Online indicators adjusted to work properly in all postbits
    • UPDATED: Replaced old animated indicator with a new version
    • UPDATED: Font Awesome is now running 4.3.0
    • UPDATED: Postbit adjusted to make changing the width of the user info area easier.
    • UPDATED: Made Profile Tabs more consistent with default tabs
    • UPDATED: Membercard styling adjustment for easier styling
    • UPDATED: Reorganized the node properties to make more sense
    • UPDATED: Wide Style Improvements
    • UPDATED: Copyright has been slightly adjusted to work better with other copyrights
    • UPDATED: Various improvements throughout our CSS
    • UPDATED: User Banners
    • NEW: Easily adjust the sub-navigation height using Style Properties -> Header and Navigation
      • The normal style property adjusts the top navigation bar while our new one adjusts specifically the sub-navigation!
    • NEW: "Boxed Layout" which adds a wrapper around all of the style(excluding the moderator bar)
    • NEW: Top Bar which is easily customizable
    • NEW: Option to change the animated indicator color
    • NEW: Quicksearch location in the visitor tabs area(option 4)
    • NEW: Quicksearch location in the top bar(option 5)
    • NEW: Option to make moderator links open in a new window

    With this update if you find your navigation looks a little strange, double check that the following are not outdated(you can use the Admin Search to look for these and click the "RESET" button, you'll lose any customization you may of done

    • navTabLink ( Header and Navigation -> Selected Tab Sub-Link )
    • xb_nav_tabLink ( [XB] Header and Navigation -> Sub-Navigation (tabLinks) )
    • xb_headerVariable ( [XB] Header and Navigation -> Header Height Variable )

    These changes were required as you can now adjust the sub-navigation height in a single spot:

    The new top bar feature is very simple out of the box as we didn't want to decide for you, but it's extremely easy to customize and we feel it really adds a new feel to any website. You can see ours in action at the top of this site, or another example:


    Over the weekend we'll be updating our resources on the official XF site, along with updating our demo board, and our own board here with a few changes. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask them!

    Lastly want to thank you for your patience with the delayed update. We really do appreciate your business and we're looking forward to the future of Pixel Exit.
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  2. Russ

    Russ Designer

    I just want to stress this again... and enough :), we made significant back-end changes to the navigation... and the message area. We wanted styling to be much easier for you and us. A prime example being the renovated navigation properties:


    Now navigation tabs consist of ONLY three states, Closed, Hover, and Open, that's it. Previously there was far too much going on making it difficult to make changes. If you want to change the background color / font color you can use these. Additionally previously it was a 3 step process to adjust the height of the sub-navigation... now you just plug in the height of the sub-nav and it automatically does it all :).

    Next improvement was the message area:

    Previously if someone wanted to adjust the width of the message user info area, it was again a minimum 3 step process... now you simply adjust it here and the layout will automatically adjust. Each of our other layouts also have the option as well.

    Let me know if you have any problems what so ever!
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